What is the best lighting for your home?

What is the best lighting for your home?
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There’s quite a lot to understand when designing the perfect lighting applications and picking the best lighting for your home, which is why people often prefer assigning the responsibility to a specialist, such as a lighting designer. However, this article has been written to help you understand and create your own lighting design, and how to pick the best (and only the best) for your house.

Without further ado, here are some tips to help you pick the best lighting for your home.

  • Ceiling height matters

Know how tall your ceiling is: You don’t want a pendant that hangs too low, and in the same way, you don’t want something too high for a high ceiling. Try to keep the bottom of the light between 15 and 30 inches below an 8-foot ceiling, and increase these by 3 inches per every extra foot of ceiling height.

  • Plan it

The best lighting for your home is designed by keeping its use in mind. Every room should be planned individually since the activity the room is designed for should be affecting the light’s design. For example, a study room should be brighter than a bedroom, and in the same way, pendant lights over a dining table are preferable to pendants hanging in the kitchen. Here’s a brilliant article on kitchen lighting ideas.

  • Brilliant!

Many people limit themselves to a single point of lighting that the room’s brightness heavily depends on – this is called ambient light. There are two more types of lighting you can use to your advantage: task and accent lighting. Both can be used to highlight specific details in your room and avoid a boring environment in the long run. So don’t be afraid to go a little further and mix things up a little!

  • Strip LED lighting is your best friend

The beauty of strip LED lighting is how versatile it is: Whether you want to light up a mirror, your bathroom, your bed, stairs or more, the only limit to how much you can express yourself with strip LED lighting is your imagination. We suggest starting out by brightening up the stairs: As well as beautiful and scenic, strip LED lighting placed between steps will make it safer during nighttime.

  • Colour can help you make a statement

Who said that natural light is the only colour you are allowed to use? Put a light fixture in a bright hue, use coloured shades and even some colourful LED around your house for an enjoyable and intriguing space to live in. The best lighting for your home is the one that inspires the most creativity!

Receive the support you need

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