Accent Lighting Techniques

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Lighting design encompasses three different layers, these are known as ambient, task and accent lighting. Introducing accent lighting using the following techniques can really enhance your home visually. Whilst most homes will incorporate a mix of ambient and task lighting; accent is the lighting element that is most commonly overlooked.

Display Lighting is light that is directed onto specific items in order to make them stand out within a space. This sort of lighting is often seen in glass fronted cabinets or used to highlight artwork. It can also be used to highlight items of beauty such as vases or sculptures. For display lighting consider focused beam angle spotlights with reflector bulbs, track lights or under cabinet lights.

Uplighting is the term used for lighting that is directed upwards towards the ceiling. Silver crown bulbs and certain lamp shades when used in lamps are designed to uplight, there are also many wall lights and scones designed to direct the light up, these should be mounted on the middle third of your walls to be most effective and, are often used for buildings with high, or even vaulted ceilings. Uplighting is a very popular exterior lighting design element as well, often used to illuminate garden features and plants, or to direct light upwards onto exterior walls.

Backlighting is lighting placed behind an object to create a sense of depth. Light positioned below or around the item being illuminated, is also considered as backlighting. The glow combined with the shadows, produces a statement piece of lighting design and adds atmosphere to any room. Backlighting is often used for inside alcoves, beneath furniture, behind TV’s or other screens, or underneath cabinets and steps.

Wall Washing refers to lighting that covers the wall with light, from floor to ceiling. This technique is used to bring attention to the best features within a room, for example a fireplace, or to make the room appear bigger, creating an illusion of expanded boundaries. Wall washing can be achieved using recessed eyeball lights, track lights, or other directional light fixtures placed at, or above the ceiling.






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